Sky Aviation Academy-Professional Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is a word that unites people from all over the world. This is an area that is dominated by globalization. It is a suppressed yearning in each of us. It is a profession that almost all of you dream of and want to be a part of, as you are not sure how to get into it.

Sky Aviation Academy is one of the best travel and tourism management training institutes in India, with industry experts and travel and tourism expertise. Our institute is managed under the guidance of managers and supervisors who have wide expertise in the tourism sector.

Our industry-experienced instructors will educate determined and passionate students to become technical experts in the travel and tourism industry by presenting their ideas, knowledge, and potential. Undergraduate and postgraduate studies are available in Travel and Tourism Management.

Why Sky Aviation Academy is the Right Choice for Travel and Tourism Course and Diploma?

We prepare aspiring individuals for the life of this dynamic profession by supplying inclusive basics and learnings of the domestic and international travel and tourism industry sectors. Training includes multiple reservation and booking practices, flight schedule creation, hotel industry, tour operating procedures, planning of meetings and events, training of group attendants, and much more. Internship experience in booking and ticketing software, internship programs with some travel companies, and affordable course fees are some of the features that set us apart from the rivals.

Register with us and get educated to be successful in the travel and tourism business by enrolling in an accredited institution such as Skyaviation Travel and Tourism Management Program. Let your sense of adventure go crazy.

Fee Structure: Sky Aviation Academy-Professional Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Course Fee

₹ 65,000

1st Installment:₹ 25,000

2nd Installment:₹ 20,000

3rd Installment:₹ 20,000

Course Duration

3 Months

Course Mode