Skyaviation Academy-Professional Diploma Course in Air Hostess

Academic study at Sky Aviation Academy is a Diploma in Air Hostess which includes formal education and practical learning workouts related to the work and job profile of Airhostess. The curriculum prepares students to be competent airline employees. According to the wider population, airlines employee is an air hostesses to serve food and drinks to their passengers! But the job of an air hostess is more than just providing drinks and food. We also provide counseling in some of their primary responsibilities.

  • They handle announcements in flight and communications throughout the cabin
  • They confirm the safety of passengers
  • They confirm the comfort of passengers
  • They support passengers in boarding, seat searching, and baggage management
  • Distributing food, magazines, drinks, and other essential items to the passengers
  • Travelers guide on safety guidelines
  • Helping passengers in times of panic and emergency
Benefits of Skyaviation Academy

You should join Sky Aviation Academy for air hostess course and training because:

  • You can get training through industry experts
  • We provide training and internship
  • We provide continuous support for job placement
Fee Structure: Skyaviation Diploma Course in Air Hostess

Course Fee

₹ 55,000

1st Installment :₹ 20,000

2nd Installment :₹ 20,000

3rd Installment :₹ 15,000

Course Duration

3 Months

Course Mode