Skyaviation Diploma Course in Hotel Management in Kitchen

Hotel Management consists of several courses, and the kitchen department is one of the important sections. Cooking is no longer a business confined to the typical kitchen. The primary objective of the program is to enable competent learners with the necessary competence, expertise, ethics, and attitudes to work in key strategic roles in the hospitality sector. Hotel industry management experts are substantial, and this is expected to expand further as the number of restaurants built in India and around the world continues to grow. A profession in hotel management has become profitable and enjoyable, attracting more and more people to take up it. Cooking is a huge job opportunity now! The chef’s talent has evolved to be highly contemporary, integrating enthusiasm, innovation, and work and effort within cooking techniques.

Applicants who participate in the Diploma in Hotel Management program receive training in all elements of the hospitality industry, with an emphasis on hotel management, event planning, room allocation, wedding planning, check-in, check-out, and many other areas and topics. give. Applicants will know how to operate a hotel guestroom section, how to organize meetings and seminars, how to provide an appropriate guest experience, and how to plan and execute events and weddings from the managerial level and subordinate.

Fee Structure: Skyaviation Diploma Course in Hotel Management in Kitchen

Course Fee

₹ 35,000

1st Installment : 15,000

2nd Installment : 10,000

3rd Installment : 10,000

Course Duration

3 Months

Course Mode