Sky Aviation Academy-Professional Diploma Course in Airport

In the field of aviation, Sky Aviation Academy is one of the leading professional educational institutes in India. Skyaviation Academy’s mission is to provide enterprise employability certificates and education to students. Our students are most sought after in the market due to our well-researched course material, qualified mentors, and comprehensive training methods. We are sure that our course materials, facilities, and professors are the greatest ever, with an emphasis on training programs and student placements.

Advantages of Sky Aviation Academy

  • Well-qualified faculty members including advisors and consulting experts
  • Highly advanced and modernized training classes
  • Sure Shot Internship and Placement
  • Consultants are industry experts and they provide practical training

Diploma Courses:

  • Introduction to Aviation Industry
  • Diploma in Ground Staff – Airport Ground Treatment
  • Diploma in Air Hostess
  • Cabin Crew: In-flight Services
  • Diploma in Airport Management

Diploma in Air Hostess:

Sky Aviation Academy offers an Air Hostess Diploma. Classroom lectures and practical training sessions make up the academic program. The program prepares learners to become competent airline employees. According to the general public, airlines hire flight attendants to deliver food and beverages to their passengers! On the other hand, this claim is false! The job of an air hostess is much more than just delivering drinks and food.

We also provide training to make air hostesses experts in performing a variety of duties such as

  • Confirmation of safety and comfort of passengers
  • flight announcement and conveying good coordination within the department
  • Serving food, drink, books, and other basics to passengers
  • Helping passengers follow safety guidelines in flight
  • Helping passengers in times of panic, emergency, etc.

Diploma in Cabin Crew:

Cabin Crew is a diploma degree awarded by the Aviation Institute. This course is for men and women who want to work as cabin crew in domestic airlines. We understand what it takes to be an effective cabin member of the crew and what airlines want. We can envision your ambition to become a cabin crew member by combining our expertise and understanding into one team. There are additional options for on-campus placements.

Diploma in Airport Management and Ground Staff:

The aviation industry is a huge sector. It hires a diverse group of specialists, including pilots, flight attendants, aircraft engineers, and air traffic controllers. Diploma in Airport Management and Ground Staff is offered. An airline or airport requires experienced managers and ground workers in areas such as airline ticketing, customer support, passenger management, cargo operations, and terminal management basics, aviation hospitality, interdepartmental coordination, security, ticketing, and customer care. Is.

During the Airport Management course, we focus on and train on a number of duties

  • Airport Operations Control Center
  • Terminal Operations
  • Air-side & Kerb-side Operations
  • Ground Flight Safety
  • Customer Facilities & Logistics etc

For example, the operational functions of an airport are one of the most important components. Fire, rescue, and other support systems issues and constraints at airports Major developments in relation to passenger service supply, airline and airport operations,

Check-in and boarding procedures for passengers and baggage, explaining relevant regulatory requirements for passenger and baggage movement, including special needs passengers

Operation of computer reservation and departure control system

Provide exceptional customer service, in a high-pressure consumer-facing setting. check-in procedures for passengers and baggage (airport and off-site),

Passenger and baggage carriage status, boarding procedures, and flight close-out communications

Taking care of passenger contact Passenger and baggage transport safety protocols in the aviation industry

better passenger comfort

Fee Structure: Skyaviation Diploma Course in Airport Management

Course Fee

₹ 33,000

1st Installment: 10,500

2nd Installment: 11,250

3rd Installment: 11,250

Course Duration

3 Months

Course Mode