Sky Aviation Academy-Professional Diploma Course in Cabin Crew

After completing 10+2, individuals seeking jobs in the aviation industry can choose from a number of diploma and degree courses. Women who want to work as air hostesses have a lot of opportunities in this field, and they can enroll in courses like station staff and flight attendant training to start working for reputed airlines. Sky Aviation has excellent certification and diploma courses in Cabin Crew Management.

Working as a cabin crew member for a large airline is lucrative and challenging. Furthermore, flying to attractive locations requires a great deal of responsibility and expertise in the profession to guarantee passenger comfort and safety while complying with industry laws. This program is designed for recent graduates who wish to gain a strong foothold in their profession by presenting the capabilities and duties of the role.

These courses combine classroom instruction with practical training to introduce applicants to the many functions of the airline’s industry and factors to consider during flight. Women are not the first to work in this industry. Men can register for programs in this discipline, and successful individuals can achieve excellent careers.

Cabin crew is one of the most sought-after jobs in the aviation industry. The cabin crew, consisting of an air hostess (female) and a flight attendant, is responsible for the pleasure, health, and safety of passengers on board the aircraft (male).

According to the rules, no member of the aircrew is allowed to fly more than 3 days in a month. It encourages secure job satisfaction as well as an excellent pay structure. After several decades of employment as cabin crew, they can advance as head attendants and earn higher salaries.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 10+2
  • Age Limit- Minimum 18 and Maximum 30
  • Height – 5 feet 6 inches
  • Candidate must be a graduate at the time of course enrollment
  • Applicant’s vision should be 6/6 with both eyes expected
Fee Structure : Skyaviation Diploma Course in Cabin Crew

Course Fee

₹ 60,000

1st Installment:₹ 20,000

2nd Installment:₹ 20,000

3rd Installment:₹ 20,000

Course Duration

6 Months

Course Mode