Skyaviation Diploma Course in Cruise Ship

Throughout this program, we will provide you with an interesting historical look at the talents and qualifications required to function in the cruise line industry, the application process, and, consequently, the lifestyle of a cruising member of the crew. This course equips prospective crew members and novices with the requisite experience to embark on a career in this profession as a cargo hauler. Teachers who continue the Cruise Ship Management Diploma course will not only develop a greater understanding of the economics and marketing of underwater cruise ships and the operation and maintenance challenges they face but will also be able to deal with more sophisticated difficulties such as people management. , organizational culture, analysis techniques, etc.

The two-year curriculum is designed to provide students with the information and knowledge they need for a professional future in the cruise industry’s hospitality businesses, as well as a working knowledge of work life on a cruise ship. As part of the training, learners will be able to learn about front-office operations, catering services, sanitation, customer service, efficient leadership, critical computer capabilities, and finance.

They will also be introduced to the larger universe of cruise lines, including their background, competitors, consumers, laws, and safety and security considerations. This curriculum was developed in collaboration with cruise industry experts, ensuring that students will be adequately equipped for their professional prospects. During the first year, candidates must pass a 5-month internship in a 5-star hotel as part of their program of study. They can apply to work on a cruise ship in their second year.

What you will learn:

Recommend and evaluate conceptual and technical solutions to complex challenges in priority areas of cruise ship hospitality industry management, using skills and experience.

Identify and address the diversity of your customers within the cruise liner industry in general.

You will be able to identify and analyze the impact of outbound travel on the cruise ship business and, in particular, on hospitality operations management.

You can examine and assess specific elements of cruise ship hospitality as a concept, such as the different cultural dimensions of hospitality.

They may assess applied principles and concepts from the hotel management setting, as well as management control areas such as people management, hospitality operations management, enterprise resource planning, and negotiation skills.

Fee Structure : Skyaviation Diploma Course in Cruise Ship

Course Fee

₹ 75,000

1st Installment:₹ 27,000

2nd Installment:₹ 24,000

3rd Installment:₹ 24,000

Course Duration

3 Months

Course Mode