Sky Aviation Academy
A reputed Sky Aviation Academy was established in 2015 and was included in the category of Education Trust in 2017. The institute was established by a. Brilliant group of intellectuals and academicians to provide value-relevant education and an excellent learning environment for the complete supervision of its students. Sky Aviation Academy has been admired by a number of academicians and academic stalwarts for its talent in providing high-quality educational courses, programs, and practical vibrancy in the Aviation Industry, Hotel Management, Flight Booking, and Travel Business.

Right from the inception of the institute, we have encouraged innovative ideas, technological advancement, and young entrepreneurship to make all the aspirants competitive industry professionals. Sky Aviation Academy caters to real-world expertise, and landscape and needs to enable students to stand out in the cutting-edge rivalry that exists around the world.


Our vision is to provide globally acclaimed Aviation, Hotel Management, and Travel courses that sets our students apart from the regular ones. We make sure to work smart and hard for the welfare of our institute and the growth process of each and every student. We do not believe in making our students stupid and bookworms; On the contrary, we teach them practically so that they can handle real-life situations intelligently.


To create an unsurpassed position for the Sky Aviation Academy as a platform for talent in aviation, hotel management, and cruise ships
Formulate your candidate’s characteristics and identify their potential effectively.
We ensure to make our candidates leaders, not followers so that they can adapt to any environment and understand the corporate world efficiently
To change the dynamics of the candidates and make them world-class brilliant talent


Sky Aviation Academy is a cultured academy with some of the brightest minds and visionaries. We encourage, nurture, and refine our candidates with the professional aptitude and conceived ambition with a decent attitude. Our motto is ‘meaningful growth in professional academics’. We always strive to brush up on your skills and excellence and make you a leader in Aviation, Hotel, and Cruise.